Our work


Meeting the highest
quality and safety requirements.

Our diverse services come from the design and engineering, machining, assembling of electronic components and pneumatics, tooling, turnkey machinery, robotic programming, three-dimensional measurements and certification of control gauges for large production chains as well as smaller plants for the various industrials sectors.

Our work is governed by a methodology with the highest levels and demands for quality and safety, in all processes: Analysis, Consulting, Processes, Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Repair.


Control gauges

The control gauges are a mechanical set for dimensional verification of parts manufactured in series, in accordance with the specified tolerances to improve their quality and productive efficiency.

At Rodama we have machines and tools for making all kinds of control gauges.


Tooling development

The tooling are a set of instruments and tools that optimize the performance of repetitive operations, by positioning and fastening one or more parts to a reference system where the production operations will be carried out.

Its application allows to reduce production times and costs, greater precision, uniformity, productivity and versatility.


Robotic programming

An industrial robot is a re-programmable multifunctional manipulator, capable of moving materials, parts and tools, according to variable trajectories, programmed to perform various tasks in industrial automation applications.

We are experts in the application of machine code, definition of operations and tasks, automation, collaborative security, integration and use of artificial vision.

maquinaria especial

Special machinery

Industrial machines are artifacts created to harness, regulate, or direct the action of a force. These devices can receive a certain form of energy and transform it into another to generate a certain effect.

We make special machinery for any industrial sector, according to the needs that the client requires. Electric and hydraulic.


There are no
big or small projects.

In Rodama there are no large or small projects, we adapt to the needs and technical requirements of each client in order to offer the best solution that your project requires.

For full turnkey industrial service as any technical and manufacturing solution you require for your industry.

Design, manufacture and optimization with the integration of cutting-edge technologies to use the capacity of the machines to carry out certain tasks as well as the control and monitoring of sequences.

Industrial automation

Integration of robotic systems in industrial production chains, application of machine code, definition of operations and tasks, automation, collaborative security, artificial vision.

Automata, vision, robots

3D design and manufacture of machined parts that encompasses the processes of CNC turning, CNC milling, wire cutting and EDM in both plastic and metal materials.

Small series machining

We transform any technical need that is required into designs that improve your production, both for machinery, tooling and gauges.

Design and engineering

Assembly and installation of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems, assembly solutions for automatic lines and tooling.

Installations and mechanics

Industrial Preventive and Corrective maintenance as well as repair services that favor the useful life of the equipment and guarantee productive continuity.

Maintenance, repairs


More complex
and global projects.

In Rodama all our professional staff is a reflection on the philosophy of our founder and the beginnings of the organization.

It is based on commitment, honesty, and integrity in every single aspect of our work. This is so we can offer confidence as well as high-quality techniques and technology.

During years of experience we have built a solid foundation based on this philosophy and this sustains our work methods and consolidates our position amongst our clients and our commercial allies.