Who we are

Since 1995

We are Rodama

We are a family business set up in the year 1995 by, Francisco Rodríguez Arenas.

From our origins, we are accustomed to evolution.

We have learned to adapt to any changes in the sector and to the needs of the market, in order to offer efficient and up-to-date service.

Rodama timeline


We committed in every project.

In Rodama all our professional staff is a reflection of the philosophy of our founder and the beginnings of the organization.

It is based on commitment, honesty, and integrity in every single aspect of our work, so we can offer confidence as well as high-quality techniques and technology.

During years of experience we have built a solid foundation based on this philosophy and this sustains our work methods and consolidates our position amongst our clients and our commercial allies.

To offer a high quality service and adapt to the requirements of our clients is the main goal in our work process.

For this reason, we have a statement clear of the corporate mission for all those who are part of the organization.


A service in excellence.

Rodama visión


Looking to the future.

miras al futuro

To continue progressing as we have been doing until now. We are continually looking to the future so that we can grow as individuals, a business, suppliers and the preferred company for our customers and collaborators.

Our DNA is formed by four principles that we maintain always present in our day to day.



Rodama valores


Precision is proof of the responsibility of our professionals to achieve a perfect functioning of the manufactured machinery.


Our work reflects enthusiasm and dedication in each construction step of the project.


We are able to adapt to the needs of any type of project, regardless of the sector that requires it.


Our skill makes us experts in technology and robotics.
We keep up to date with the latest innovations to offer a better service.


The lever that boost us.

We are a multidisciplinary team of more than 30 professionals specializing in different departments.

Each of our experts has a wide knowledge in the methodology and the best forms of working due to their experience in national and international markets.

We are proud to form a team whose talents have gained the confidence of our customers and whose values are reflected in all aspects of the company.


The certificates of quality assure our employees, customers, partners, and associates that we fulfill the expectations, security, and quality required by the market.

This is how we guarantee an efficient, productive process focused on continual improvement.

All our departments are covered by the strict quality guidelines set out in ISO 9001:2015.



Maximum exigency
in all processes.

Rodama exigencia