The machining is a manufacturing process that includes a set of operations for forming parts by removing material, either by chip removal or by abrasion.


Machining of all kinds of precision parts in small series.

Machining any type of material that is required, let's take as an example the most basic ones: carbon steels, stainless steels, cast iron, non-ferrous materials and technical plastics.

We offer advice on the material that can best respond according to the needs of our clients.


Our solutions can cover an infinity of products, let's take as a mere example: Tools for dimensional verification of parts from injection, machines for the integration of collaborative robots, machines with incorporation of artificial vision through cameras, in general any tooling that our clients require. for the automation of industrial production lines.

We can also provide solutions in injection molds, dies. Duplicate of pieces, cutting tools, etc.


We have a human team with great professional capacity and sufficient means to provide solutions with the required level of urgency.

We carry out any type of work based on plans, 3D designs or physical samples, either developed by ourselves or contributed by the client himself.

We stand out in giving budgets in less than 24 hours without any commitment, and in the fulfillment and punctuality of delivery times.


Currently our sector is Automotive and we provide solutions to any type of tooling that our clients require. We are focused on the realization of control tools or also called gauges, for the verification of all types of parts that the client needs to verify before they reach production.

All our control tools include a dimensional report, developed from our three-dimensional measurement center, with all the necessary certificates that guarantee the safety of our clients.


We have 3X machining centers; 5X machining centers; conventional lathes and 4X CNC lathes and milling head. All of them assisted by computer and CAM for the resolution of any type of part and material.

Our machinery