Installations and mechanics

Mechanical engineering is responsible for the manufacture, construction, installation, commissioning and operation of machines intended for industry, which aim to carry out various tasks. To fulfill its work, mechanical engineering analyzes needs, formulates and solves technical problems through multidisciplinary work and relies on scientific developments, translating them into elements, tooling, machines, equipment and facilities that provide an adequate service, through the use rational and efficient resources.


The services that Rodama provides include from the assembly of any mechanical system, the installation and adjustment of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems, their monitoring and repair, whether they are their own or external.


We apply machinery assembly solutions for automatic lines and tooling.

Machines: Positioning, assembling and inspection of components.

- Assembling.
- Screwed.
- Control of consumption and lighting of projectors.
- Projectors focus control (regloscopes).


- Component handling with robot..
- Extraction and deburring of mold parts..
- Assembly, assembly control and component versions.
- Metrological control and rejection of the final product.


The assemblies are made from plans, 3d and diagrams provided by the design and engineering department, this process is carried out under rigorous compliance with our standards.


We are specialized in the Automotive sector but in the same way all our knowledge and professionalism can be applied to other sectors.