Maintenance and prepairs

The industrial maintenance is in charge of anticipating and ensuring the correct operation and operation of the equipment and machines of a productive installation, favoring its useful life, reliability, optimal operation and guaranteeing the continuity of production.


It is essential for the correct operation of a company installation and machinery to have a complete maintenance plan, from Rodama we offer Preventive and Corrective industrial maintenance plans.

Preventive maintenance: It consists of carrying out revision tasks, changing parts and cleaning for the conservation of equipment and facilities to guarantee their good working order and reliability, with the aim of avoiding failures, managing to prevent incidents before they occur.

Corrective maintenance: The repair activity is applied at the time of a fault, putting those that stopped working or are damaged in operating condition.


We carry out a study plan of industrial maintenance on equipment and machines to know in depth their condition and apply those tasks that are necessary for proper and optimal operation.


Study and prior planning that includes an inventory of all the equipment and machines that make it up, knowing its function and level of importance within the production line.

Definition of a plan of tasks and actions to be carried out on the equipment and machinery, taking into account the procedures to be followed indicated by the manufacturer.


Our services are aimed at various industrial sectors such as, Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural.