The industrial automation is the use of computerized and electromechanical systems or elements for industrial purposes, this includes industrial instrumentation, which includes sensors, field transmitters, control and supervision systems, transmission systems, data collection and real-time software applications to monitor and control plant operations or industrial processes.


In the field of industrial automation Rodama offers the following services:

- Advice on automation and customization techniques.

- Implementation and integration of automation systems.

- Maintenance of automatic systems and implementation of improvements.


The main objectives and advantages that are sought with the implementation of automation systems in the production chains are:

- Improve the productivity of the company, reducing production costs and improving its quality.

- Improve working conditions and increase safety.

- Improve product availability and have traceability of all manufacturing processes.

- Simplification of processes and integration of management and production.


Our work methodology is based on a previous study of the project to be developed where the current situation of the company and its methodology are covered, its possible improvements, simplification of processes and its implementation with automation systems, technologies to be used and new available technologies are studied.


Our services are aimed at various industrial sectors such as, Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural, etc.


We select and work for each project the best technology. The main brands with which we develop our projects are: Siemens, Omron, Beckhoff, Festo, SMC, Kuka, ABB, Universal Robots, Schnider, Mitsubishi, etc.